Variety, taste and freshness

Meats, vegetables, French fries, pizzas, etc., are prepared in different presentations, fresh and with a great taste for the housewife or for the most demanding chef; our products satisfy a wide variety of consumers.

46 years, tradition and quality

International de Desarrollo SA which has promoted its brand through years of hard work has earned the reputation of high quality, service and variety in the food industry and with the final consumer. Our tradition has been to innovate, create and maintain quality through time always looking to satisfy the need of the consumer.

Our slogan has been “Simplify your life without taking away the flavor” because our product are manufactured to be fresher than fresh. Our advanced manufacturing facilities and IQF freezing equipment all work in harmony to produce the highest possible quality food product.

Our history

La Granja began during the 1960s, as an idea of Jose Leopoldo Burg during his university years as a way to preserve in a natural way and without preservatives a variety of food products. He initiated the company in 1971 just a couple of years after graduating from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California USA. It was the pioneer company which was expressly dedicated to developing the frozen food industry in the country of Venezuela. After a few years, two partners were integrated, Jose Manuel Pardo and Gerd Reiserer, both being fundamental in the growth of the company and its brands. They all worked together with the objective to develop the frozen food industry in Venezuela, which was still unexplored in all of Latinamerica.

Internacional de Desarrollo, S.A. was started with La Cuisine brand, however that brand was lost and a new main brand was created called La Granja, a few years later we added the SkyChef as a economy brand followed by Best Meats for further processed meat products and our most recent brand La Granja del Mar for seafood products which are further processed. To create the reputation for quality for these brands took many years of hard work, innovation and creativity.

We showed the consumer that individually quick frozen product keep the taste, texture and high nutritional value for up to a year under proper temperature conditions without preservatives or chemical agents.

Our Infrastructure

It is an area of 25,000 square meters with several building and a constructed area of 11,400 meters with 4 production lines, 3 warehouse freezer storage facilities totaling 9000 cubic meters of -20 degrees celcius.


La Granja is organized by the Departments of:


Procurement and Imports Departaments

This department has the purpose of keeping production going by looking at the best available raw materials, packaging, ingredients, spare parts and services offered in the Venezuelan and in the international market place. Imports are difficult in Venezuela for many reasons, a mayor one the lack of hard currency to be able to access the international market place freely.

We have had to substitute many imported products with locally made raw materials and ingredients, all with the objective to keep producing high quality products for our consumers.

Manufacturing Department

The manufacturing at La Granja compromises 4 production lines each producing different products. three of them for further processed products in the meats and vegetable areas and one line dedicated to producing the raw material input for the other three lines. The production lines have IQF freezers, plate freezer, freezing static tunnels and cryogenic freezing. We also have two repacking areas for special products that are placed under one of our brands.

Productions control as well as quality assurance are an integral parts of the manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a most important function in La Granja and an important part of our brand name reputation. We check quality of all input to our production process from the water we used in production to all raw materials, ingredients and personnel which participates in the production process.

Warehouse Department

Our cold storage is made up by over 9.000 cubic meters of -20 degrees Celsius, 1500 cubic meter of refrigerated space at +3 degrees Celsius and 2.400 square meter of dry storage. Properly trained personnel each specialized in one of the storage areas have the responsibility of maintaining the temperature to maximize the proper rotation and temperature of all products that enter any of the warehouses.

Sales And Marketing Department

Our sales force has all the needed training for the sale of frozen products both at the retail level as well as foodservice. We have merchandisers, that visits weekly all retail customers to salesmen that are all part of the quality assurance programs to ascertain that the final consumer get a product which meets the temperature requirements. For every 4 salesmen we have a supervisor and the country is divided into five sales areas; The Metropolitan area, the Central area, the Andean region, the Eastern region and finally the Island of Margarita were we have a distribuitor.

The duty of the department is to service all customers both retail and foodservice making sure they are offered the products that meet their requirements for quality and price. To deliver on time and in optimal condition every drop made by one of our delivery trucks.

Distribution Department

At the La Granja we have a fleet of reefer trucks including a tractor trailer all equiped with refrigerated box and a thermo king unit to maintain the proper delivery temperature. We deliver nationwide and keep control of the fleet through tracking devices in each of our trucks, the drivers are trained to keep the designated temperature on all routes and deliveries. Contingency protocols are coordinated between distribution and the sales team at all times.

Administration and Finance Department

This department plans, organizes, directs and controls efficiently and effectively, the company’s financial resources, allocating the resources available in the different functional areas through investment plans, on time payments and collections on accounts receivable, in order to maximize profits.
It also guarantees constant and accurate information for the decision-making that arise over time, under an effective system of accounting and financial controls.

Human Resources Department

In the Human Resources Department has one of the bigest challenges of all the departments of the company. It must find and train the quality people we need to operate a first class organization.

It handles all the regulations which are made by the government, works in harmony with the workers union and promotes education and outside training to all of its employees.

Operations Department

The Operations Department is responsible for providing timely and efficient services required by the company in terms of preventive and corrective maintenance of the facilities, in order to comply with the production plans.
This department is formed by a group of professionals trained to maintain in an ideal way, the operation of equipment and machinery working well at all times. In this country it has a most important function which requires all the time training by the equipment suppliers.

Security Department

Our Security Department is the coordinating body of the necessary relationship between the company and the state security organizations. It also safeguards the company's assets and valuables adding the protection of all personnel and visitors.

Technology Department

Our Technology Department is integrated with the highest technology and trained personnel responsible for ensuring the functionality of our electronic and technology requirements to be able to reach all our customers.